Sunday, October 30, 2011

Been a bit busy...

So whilst trying to get back in the swing of my whole working out routine, I managed to gain like 10lbs then loose the 10lbs all the course of just a few weeks.  Which always makes me ask, why in the world can take months to loose like 5lbs but like weeks to gain 10lbs grrrrrrrr it just lets frustration settle in.  But, I do have to admit, the gain probably had a lot to do with this:

This was my burger with a yummy Chocolate shake, soooo bad lol
Here's my boyfriends yummy burger with a Mountain Dew!!

But, you at least have to try a psuedo man (and WOman) vs. food challenge once right! 

At least we didn't almost do this...

That of course was with the help of these!!

In the long 3 weeks since my last post; I've been working with a trainer and running lots.  Also, I got to spend some time with that hot guy pictured above!  I am still trying to get my eating back on track it can be really hard to remember to eat sometimes and to just eat enough and one of the reason I didn't run yesterday.  I knew I hadn't eaten enough the day before and would have probably only made myself sick if I tried to run the 6 miles I had planned.  Then, it snowed last night and made October feel like the middle of January which iced up the streets and gave me a good excuse to stay in and play video games.  But, I am proud to say I have been cooking and eating wayyyyy healthier since my total indulgence of the 1lb burger.  Every once in a while you do have indulge whether it be an awesome burger or whatever you crave.  You do only live once!! It just can't be an every day thing or even every week thing.

This weekend, I cooked up a storm and made a healthy yummy tuna noodle casserole from scratch and after it came out of the oven I now remembered how much I hate low-fat cheese.  Why do they even make that stuff, I think next time I'll either skip the cheese or just go light with the real thing.  A peanut butter corn chowder, that is way yummier than it sounds.  Chicken nuggets with homemade whole wheat bread crumbs that I can use during the week for lunches as additions to maybe a salad or some potatoes and a veggie!  Today I will be making an awesome healthy whole wheat banana bread (this recipe i'll post later with pics), this banana bread gets the work stamp of approval and I'm always asked how it comes out soooo moist! 

Now off to be just a little lazy and rest and play video games!!  I'll definitely be running (gotta get that base building back in for my marathon training) and working out extra hard to tomorrow with my trainer!  YAY! 

What do you think of healthy baked goods?  Any Favorites?

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  1. That burger was pretty good. Good thing the CVS was right across the street so we could get the Pepto but I don't think we needed it because we were fine after.

    Healthy baked goods? Hmmm...not sure I know of any lol. Thats pretty bad. I guess because I don't do alot of baking myself, and the stuff I do bake is not really healthy. At least I don't consider it to be healthy.