Saturday, June 2, 2012

Long after the Boston Marathon...

So it's been a long long while since posting.  I've since run/walked the Boston Marathon in over 85 degree weather (I even had the huge blisters to prove it).  I finished in 7:00:15 but at least I crossed the finish line before they shut the clock off!!  It was hard and definitely made me realize with the New York Marathon coming up in November I need to work on my Marathon Training (and cross my fingers that it's below 50 degrees!!)  I must say the one person who go me through and helped me to know I could do it was David, he was my biggest cheerleader and I couldn't have crossed the finish line without him. My favorite moment of the entire race was getting to see his face before crossing the finish line!!  After all is said and done I'm trying to move forward and while disappointed Dave didn't get picked in the NYM lottery with me I know he'll be there for me while I train and when I cross the finish line!!   Now on to trying to eat healthier, I tried to "eat to live" and that was an epic fail. I was only reminded how hard it is for me to eat salad and considering on that diet the salad is the meal made it worse.  I'm learning that maybe I just need to take out the sugar and add more veggies!  If I can do that hopefully I won't "crave" certain foods anymore and will enjoy what I eat more.  We'll see how that goes!  But, I'm just happy that I have the man of my dreams to share all trials and tribulations with, he probably doesn't feel all that lucky though when I whine a lot but he's good about it!!!  That's all I can ask for!  :)
My absolute favorite picture from the Boston Marathon!

By the way we're trying to transition to the whole minimalist thingy!!  I'll let you know how it goes later on!

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  1. Yay! That was awesome you were able to finish the Boston Marathon. Took a while but the important thing is that you finished. It really was a hot day I was hot just standing there. I can't imagine how hard it was for the runners.

    I know that sucks I wasn't picked for the New York Marathon. Would have been awesome to run it together. Hopefully next year. This year though I will wait for you to finish again and cheer you on. I just know you will do better and be faster then the 7 hours :)