Friday, August 5, 2011

The long journey to a mile...

My very first pair of running sneakers!

I did my walk test found out I was a neutral runner with a weird shaped foot! Yay for weird feet lol  I purchased my fancy and might I add expensive running sneakers, Saucony Echelons (they are good for neutral heavy runners) who ever tells you running is a cheap sport is lieing or is not using the proper footwear.  These cost me just around $100 and that's only because I'm lucky enough to get an employee discount as Marathon Sports!!  Maybe those barefoot runners have it right and definitely keep running cheap, personally I need the cushion and support of a sneaker and the whole minimalist craze is just not for me as a newbie anyway.

I downloaded my 4 weeks to a mile running program to my iTouch from Personal Running Trainer and thought I was on my way.  What I didn't count was how freaking hard running truly is.  There is the whole getting the breathing down and aside from that with all the weight I was carrying my knees where not so happy I decided to take up this whole running thing.  After my first week out of only walking and running my knees decided it was about time I experienced runner's knee.  If you've ever experieneced this it's so not fun, it hurts to walk down stairs and iceing your knee at work and keeping it elevated proves a difficult task when you work at a desk all day.  By the way sitting the majority of the day doesn't help either.  But, I tried to listen to everyone and just let it heal and took the running easy.  I would walk more and then try to run a little bit in between my multiple boughts with runner's knee.  It would go from the right knee to the left and then back again.

Once I was all healed I then finished the program and ran my first mile without stopping, albeit a very slow mile BUT I didn't care I did it.  I ran a mile!  I was now hooked.  I wanted to see how far I could run, so every week I would tell myself to turn around at the sign or run to that car and then you can turn around.  I'd use objects around me as my mile markers and would just go.  By the end of doing this I could run over 3 miles without stopping!  I got so excited that I could actually do this and I started to see more pounds falling off.  I went from a size 16 to a 14 and jumped for joy!  After two half marathons and a 10k, I keep telling myself I can't believe this is me doing this.  The same me who when I was much heavier would tell people "I don't run."  Simply put I would not run unless something was chasing me or there was danger.  I couldn't believe that running was something I could fall in love with and adapt my body to doing on a consistent basis!

Finishing that first mile opened my eyes and that I think was the day I realized I could accomplish anything.  All it takes is persistence, hard work and patience.  That was also the day I decided a Marathon was now on my list of life goals!  This November I can't wait to register for the Boston Marathon and see my goal completed!  Goal number two will be to run the New York Marathon with my Sweetie!  We were denied this year, but will keep trying every year until we either get picked or finally get automatic entry! 

Just remember we are only limited by the limitations we put on ourselves. 

If your a runner how did you feel when you ran your first mile or first race?!


  1. That was a big problem for me too. The breathing. It took me a while to be able to control my breathing while running.

    I ran my first mile when I was in the Air Force. Had to run 2 in 18 minutes to pass. It was tough for me because back then I wasn't in the best shape, and when it was time for PT in the morning you just had to run, and they yelled at you if you walked or stopped.

    It was awesome when I was able to complete it. I was surprised I was able to because I had so much trouble with the breathing at first.

    The first race I ran I was a little nervous. That half marathon was packed and I was unsure if I was going to be able to finish. I knew going into it that I might have trouble because I hadn't really trained for it. How could I with all the snow we had during the winter. That and I didn't want to pay to join a gym.

    Anyway once we started I was surprised that I was able to run as much as I did. Made it to like mile 10 before I was tired to the point where I needed to walk. It did help that we stopped at every bathroom station, but even still I thought I would have been exhausted way earlier. It felt so good after we finished. I never thought I would be able to do something like that.

  2. I'm just happy for being to experience that race with you. And I'm proud that you finished and kept going!! And YAY! For once I can say: See I was right :P