Thursday, October 6, 2011

Getting back into action...

So I've been away from writing and the gym for about a month and half. 

I took an awesome trip to Ecuador for 2 weeks with my Sweetie and his family!  I got to meet his extended family and had a great time.  The music and dancing was really fun and the food was phenomenal!! Then due to Hurricane Irene that hit New England our flight was canceled (it took dealing with LAN airlines who I must say had some of the worst customer service when it came to helping us get new flights) and we were in Ecuador an extra week.  It was truly an awesome trip to a beautiful country along the coast line.  It was awesome being by the water everyday reminded me a lot of home.

So coming home and getting back in to my everyday routine took some time, I was so getting used to the idea of dancing being a good work out lol!   So a week after I got back I booked 3 weeks with my awesome personal trainer Jackie, 2 sessions a week 30 mins. each.  Also, group sessions w/ a gym buddy for 45 mins. one day a week with said trainer (who likes to torture us with doing lots of stuff on one leg). 

We all know trainers can really such a big expense taking as many deals as you can is key when using a personal trainer, unless your loaded how can you afford over $500 for just a few hours.  Awesome enough I came home to a $59 deal for 3 hrs of one on one training and $100 for 4hrs of group training.  This is on top of starting up my gym schedule of boot camp classes and spin has put my butt back in gear and my legs and arms and abs, oh my all are feeling it! 

Now I just need to throw running back in there!!  I'm still crossing my fingers that even with being number 18 on the wait list for my employers charity team, I might have a chance to run Boston Marathon next April!

How do you get back into working out after a long vacation?

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  1. The vacation was really fun. Getting an extra week over there was cool, just sucks it came about that way.

    That's awesome they have special deals for personal trainers because you're right, unless you have a lot of money most people probably can't afford one. I know when I get back into running I'm going to suck. Its been a while and then getting sick doesn't help things.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can get in to the Boston Marathon next year.